Leonora Miranda L. Scott is a London-based stylist. With 3 years' experience in the industry she has established herself as a fresh young creative based in the UK. Leonora's work has been featured in international magazines and media, including: HUF Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, online Vogue GB, online Vogue.IT, Fashionising.com, 47 Mag,  Kenton Magazine, Institute Magazine, Rough Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Blanc Magazine, Cake Magazine, A Shaded View on Fashion by Diana Pernet, and on the cover of The Storm Magazine and Vamp Magazine.  Leonora felt hugely privileged to work as part of the team on the Ting Tong Club, an event hosted by Ministry of Sound, under the Creative Producer Mark Herman and Head Designer Shara Hayz. Leonora has also worked with Nike FC and has a range of clients.  Leonora's first fashion film was nominated for the leading fashion film competition Fondazione Pitti Discovery and ASVOFF 2013 by Diane Pernet.

Leonora attended the University of Kent studying for a MA in Dickens and Visual Culture and holds a BA (hons) in History & Theory of Art.  She has also attended Falmouth University and London College of Fashion.  Leonora works predominately in the field of styling, art direction, and production for magazines, advertising, television and film.  Further to this she has worked for 7 years in various museums and art gallery environments.  Leonora is also a qualified make-up artist and hair stylist

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